1. All Singers/Instrumentalists must be genuinely born again, baptized by immersion and filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

    2. Absenteeism from Music Programmes without written request merits disciplinary actions such as: Deliverance, Suspensions, and Dismissal from the Group.

    3. All Singers/Instrumentalists must run through Deliverance, and periodic deliverance programmes should be organized for cleansing.

    4. All members of the Music Ministry are expected to participate in all Church programmes involving Music Ministrations. i.e. Weekly Services and all Mass Choir programmes, especially the Power Must Change Hands programme.

    5. Singers/Instrumentalist are not permitted to Perm their hair or make any worldly hair do/haircut.

    6. Singers/Instrumentalists are not allowed to Tone or bleach their skin, fix nails or use nail hardeners.

    7. Singers/Instrumentalists are not allowed to use any form of Jewelries such as, earrings, wedding rings, among others; and all forms of Jezebelian make-ups are prohibited.

    8. Singers/Instrumentalists are not allowed to wear transparent outfits, and all forms of Hell advertising skirts, or Breasts, Thighs, and Hip revealing fashion of this crude generation.

8b.       Clothing must not be too tight, body hugging or revealing.

8c.       Ladies Skirts must be either Midi or Maxi depending on the country under consideration.

Mini/and Micro mini is Strictly Prohibited.  (Preference should be for Flaired/Pleated/Gathered skirts or gowns)

8d.       Hairdo must be modest.

8e.       Shoes (especially ladies shoes) must have moderate heels.  The use of excessively high heeled shoes should stop.

  1. MFM Music ministers can sing Contemporary/African Gospel Songs that are spirit-filled with clear gospel message. The use of live or membranous drums is prohibited.  The use of electronic drumbeats is allowed in very small measures to enhance Contemporary music.

  2. All members of the Music Ministry must comport themselves as expected of any Minister of MFM. Brokenness must be our watchword in words, and actions, within and out of the Church premises.