Groups & Solos

Bro Tosin Head of Groups and Solos
The Groups and Solos department is one of the newly formed arms of the MFM Music ministry.
Just as the name implies, this arm of the MFM Music ministry comprises members of the music ministry that minister either as an individual or as a small group. Simply put, this department coordinates music ministrations in the form of solo, duet, trio, quartet, quintet and any other small ensemble presentations. The department accommodates members of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries who are endowed with the gift of music (either naturally or through previous engagements in Church music) but their daily schedules would not permit them to attend regular choir rehearsals or meetings. If you qualify for this category of people, we encourage you to identify with us as there is ample opportunity to still function within the music ministry irrespective of your busy schedule. Nonetheless, it is expected that members of the groups and solos department be inclined to work on their presentations with little supervision, although suitable and friendly rehearsal appointments are scheduled before eventual presentation to the church.

This department can be said to be as old as the MFM Music ministry because individual and small ensemble ministrations had existed since the inception of music ministrations at the Mountain of fire and Miracles Ministries. However, for better operation and fulfilment of the heavenly mandate, the Lord through our Daddy and Mummy in the Lord (Dr and Pastor Mrs. Daniel Olukoya) who are also full members of this department, formally created the department as one of the arms of the MFM Music ministry during the first MFM Music ministry Solemn Assembly held in June 2014.

Aims and objectives

  • Nurturing and mentoring God fearing music ministers.
  • Encouraging and developing musical talents to the glory of God.
  • To provide an enabling environment for experienced music ministers willing to serve God with their gifts despite their busy schedule.
  • To encourage as well as provide an enabling environment for up-coming singers and musical groups.
  • To provide ministration platforms for groups and soloists in the body of Christ.
  • To organise events that will lead to the spiritual and musical growth of our members.
  • Training and developing up-coming talents.
  • Organizing Evangelical Concerts and musical events worldwide.
  • To organize music competitions and other productive events that will discover new talents, bring glory to God and also benefit the ministry.‎

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