Guitar Choir

Pastor Joseph -Head Guitar CHOIR

The Guitar Choir is a vision inspired by God and became established in Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries on the 3rd of September 2006. After the approval of the General Overseer, the group gained congregational acceptance through the 1st ministration and several other performances during services and musical preludes. In October 2006, the Guitar Choir embraced Musical Prelude at the International Headquarters which lasted for about two years. Concurrently, participation at the Prayer City began with the prelude in November 2006 during the M.F.M convention. In the same vein, the Power Must Change Hands Prelude became established from December 2006 till date with full participation of the Guitar Choir. To the glory of God, the group has grown to become a department in the MFM Music Ministry having five units, namely: Junior, Intermediate, Teenage, Senior and Adult Sections. Our population within the International Headquarters is about 400 between the age range of 2 years and 73years old. The group presently has established 10 Guitar Training sections in different Council of regions within Lagos State – this will be extended to other regions in due time. By the special grace of God, Dr. D.K. Olukoya and his wife, Pastor (Mrs) Shade Olukoya have been the power base and heroes of the MFM Guitar Choir department. Daddy and Mummy, we love you, thank you for your encouragements.

The Guitar Choir concept has to do with the conglomeration of guitars of various levels of acoustic bass and lead being codified into various genre of music for the purpose of evangelism. This system is multi-dimensional and dynamic through creative exploration of ‘plucked’ stringed instrument in Classical Music, Performing Arts, Traditional Songs, Popular Music and Dance. It also embraces the assimilation of foreign musical instruments and styles in creating exotic outfit and music for soul winning. The mode of performance employs Instrumentals and Vocal Music with guitar accompaniment in God’s presence. This concept is validated in Isaiah 38:20b…‘therefore we will sing our songs to the stringed instruments all the days of our lives in the house of the Lord’.


  • To use guitar music as a means of drawing people to Christ.
  • To edify the body of Christ through soul lifting songs with heavenly conscious messages.
  • To use guitar music with messages from the Bible as channels to inculcate morals in the church and minimise the rate of mischief in the society at large.
  • To take idle children off the street and engage them in God’s work.
  • To encourage both old and young to discover their hidden potentials and use them for God.

As there is no musical audition for salvation, the group is most interested in receiving all with or without music knowledge, train them, ensure their spiritual development and prepare them for God’s kingdom


(1) Guitar Classical (2) Guitar Percussion (3) Ukulele Orchestra (4) Guitar Orchestra (5) Guitar Highlife (6) Guitar Reggae (7) Guitar Praise (8) Guitar Jazz (9) Spirituals (10) Country Music (11) Blue Grass (12) Native Match (13) Mandolin Orchestra (14) Hymn Medley (15)Negro Spirituals (16) Flamenco (17) Traditional African Music and other related genres.

(1) Acoustic Guitar (2) Electric Guitar (3) Electro Acoustic (4) Semi-hollow body Guitar (5) Mandolin (6) Mandola (7) Soprano Ukulele (8) Concert Ukulele (9) Tenor Ukulele (10) Banjo (11) Lap Steel Hawaiian Guitar (12) Flamenco Guitar.(13) Classical Guitar

For enquiries on the Guitar choir department or assistance in constituting a National, Regional, Zonal or Branch Guitar choir, please send an email to or