Psalm 42:7… ‘Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts; all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me’.

All the valuable minerals that bring wealth to man are in the deep. They are never found on the surface – be it gold, oil, diamond, silver…all are in the deep. One of the major spiritual problems of our time is the existence of superficial Christianity. Hence, the desperate need of the hour is not for a larger number of intelligent, smart, talented, educated or gifted people but of deep people. God is looking for deep people because it is only the deep that can call unto deep. It is when you are not a deep chorister that you will say, “somebody said this and that, so I am leaving the choir”.

Just like there is a difference between pillars and scaffold, there is a big difference between deep Christians and shallow Christians. The pillars will stay but the scaffold will always go away. Moreover, the problem with scaffold-like music ministers is this, they would have helped to build but won’t wait to enjoy the benefit. I pray that will not be your lot in the name of Jesus.

There are a couple of points I wish to share with you:

  1. God is a deep God
  2. Only deep music ministers can reach a deep God
  3. Deep music ministers see into mysteries
  4. Deep music ministers operate at higher levels
  5. Deep music ministers are not moved by sight but by faith
  6. Deep music ministers move the purposes of God forward.

21 Characteristics of a Deep Music Minister

  1. They must be broken. Brokenness is to say YES to God. It is to obey God whether it is convenient or not. It is for you to be insulted and instead of getting angry, you apologise to the person who insulted you. It is to be immune to gossip, slander etc. After all, they spat on Jesus, they did all kinds of insulting things to Jesus but he did not react – that is brokenness.
  2. They are quiet. The Bible says in Isaiah 30:15b, ‘in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength’. God does not use noisy people. He does not use talkative people because He himself is not a talkative. He means what He says, and says what He means.
  3. Deep music ministers have the capacity to adapt to change. That is, they find it easy to adjust when necessary as long as it is to the glory of God.
  4. Deep music ministers are incurable givers. They are not stingy.
  5. Deep music ministers are incurable worshippers.
  6. Deep music ministers are altar people. They constantly build altars to God. They are never ashamed to identify as Christians wherever they find themselves.
  7. Deep music ministers are addicted to the word of God. They read their Bibles; meditate on it. They minister and also witness to others.
  8. Deep music ministers always engage in constructive activities. They don’t do divisive activities.
  9. Money has no power over deep music ministers. They don’t abandon their calling because of money.
  10. Deep music ministers do not repeat errors. One definition of a fool is this: someone who will not learn from his or her mistakes. It is my prayer that you will not be foolish in Jesus name.
  11. Deep music ministers are self-disciplined. They are highly disciplined and always punctual.
  12. Deep music ministers are always willing to accept responsibility.
  13. Deep music ministers are hardworking. They are not lazy.
  14. Deep music ministers are patient and courageous people. Always remember, one mark of Christian immaturity is impatience. So, I encourage you to be a patient music minister.
  15. Deep music ministers have inward and outward expression of simplicity.
  16. Deep music ministers are people of integrity. Their word is their bond.
  17. Deep music ministers are meek.
  18. Deep music ministers are loyal. Loyalty is to keep supporting a thing whether it benefits you or not.
  19. Deep music ministers are prayerful. When you see a prayerful choirmaster/conductor, then you see a prayerful choir.
  20. Deep music ministers are people who have discernment. They can discern spiritually. I encourage you to pray to a level where you will be divinely endowed with this gift.
  21. Deep music ministers are people who have no interest in human approval. They are only interested in divine approval.

The question to ask at this point is this: are you a deep music minister? I encourage you to desire, decide and determine to become a spiritually deep music minister. Take that step and see what God will begin to do in your life and ministry. At this point, I implore you to close your eyes and pray this earnestly:

My father, rebrand my spiritual life in the name of Jesus.


  1. Thank you Jesus for these prophetic words of encouragement and guidance through your prophet.amen.

  2. waooo daddy many thanks. we hope to get more of this

  3. Lord give me the grace to be a Deep Music Minister.

  4. Fidelis UGBOMA MFM February 11, 2017 at 8:04 pm

    I am immensely encouraged by what I read about this subject. In fact it is loaded and should be a subject for regular meditation by all Music Ministers, including those who are already deep in Music (for thereby they will derive additional strength and Illumination to do greater exploits), Students of Music as well as lovers of Music in general.

  5. Comment∗God increase you sir

  6. More anointing sir… blessed to be under ur ministry

  7. Akinsowon Isaiah ifeoluwatobi August 23, 2017 at 6:17 pm

    Ooo GOD of ELIJAH give me the power to be a deep music minister

  8. Adepoju Oluwasijibomi Ephraim October 15, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    Lord give me the grace to be in choir again in Jesus name I pray. Daddy thank you for the words of encouragement more blessings sir.

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